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The Life Hotel is committed to the preservation of the environment. We are stepping up our efforts to cut carbon emissions. The essential oil base for shower gel and shampoo in our guest rooms is Calocedrus formosana, which has a high carbon fixation capacity. This contributes to sterilization, carbon reduction, and cleanliness in order to provide our guests with a safe and clean bathing environment.


Local responsibility is highly valued at The Life Hotel. We have achieved 100% local employment and 100% local sourcing. Recently, we made a modest but significant contribution to the community by donating duvets and pillows to local social welfare organizations.


The Life Hotel invites guests to join in the effort to reduce carbon emissions by planting trees. In addition to establishing vertical planting walls to increase planting efficiency, we invite guests to plant tree saplings. There are designated areas for guests to plant their own tree saplings. Once these seedlings have reached maturity, we will plant them outside to ensure the long-term growth of both love and trees.

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